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Scientific Advisors

Other members of the team

Gregory Wagner, Ph.D.  DABT
Sr. Vice President of pre-Clinical Development at Resverlogix, Inc. and former VP of pre-Clinical Development at Galileo Pharmaceuticals.

Bill Fitch, Ph.D.  
President of PosNeg Consulting, and a former Study Leader of DMPK at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Jerry Shen, Ph.D.  
Vice President of Biology at Lead Therapeutics, Inc. and former co-founder and Vice President of research at Applied Biomics

Bob Ings, Ph.D.  
President of RMI Pharmacokinetics, and former Vice President of DMPK at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

​Frank Xie Ph.D.

Predient of Bayside Biosciences

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