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Highlights at Climax Laboratories

  • Climax has signed service contracts with major pharmaceutical companies, even including a notable search engine company.


  • Climax Laboratories welcomes Erik Berggren to the team on May, 2016 as an Analytical Scientist to support the company's services.

  • The revenue of Climax Laboratories in 2013 increased 56% compared to 2012.

  • Climax Laboratories has relocated to a new 2000 SF facility in June 2013.

  • The revenue of Climax Laboratories in 2012 increased by 200% compared to 2011.

  • The revenue of Climax Laboratories in 2011 increased by 300% compared to 2010.

  • Dr. Yeping Zhao became an advisory member of the SPARK program at Medicine School of Stanford University in 2009.

  • Dr. Yeping Zhao, a co-founder of Climax, was granted the "2008 Excellence in Science Award" from the American Society for Small Molecule Sciences and Amgen for his excellent achievement in the study on the quantification of small molecules in biological fluid with DART/MS/MS.

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