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Climax Laboratories, Inc.

With challenge comes innovation, with experience comes efficiency.



  • In vitro metabolic stability (S9, microsomes, CYP450 isoforms or hepatocytes)

  • In vitro CYP inhibition (IC50 and Ki)

  • In vitro CYP reaction phenotyping (microsomes, S9, or recombinant CYPs)

  • Metabolic profiling and identification (in vitro and in vivo)

  • Compartmental and non-compartmental PK analysis

  • PK/PD modeling and simulation

  • In-life rodent studies


  • Bioanalytical and analytical chemistry

  • PK and metabolism

  • GLP compliance and regulation

Interested in our services?

  • Method development and validation with HPLC/UV or LC/MS/MS

  • Quantification and identification of small or large molecules in biological samples

  • Chemical stability and purity analysis of test compounds

  • In vitro stability of test compounds in biological matrices

  • Protein binding of test compounds in biological matrices

  • Characterization and identification of chemical impurities

  • Bioanalysis of clinical biomarkers

Bioanalytical/Analytical Chemistry

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